Core Beliefs

“Fix the business model first – then everything else falls into place.”

  • Most businesses underperform due to underdeveloped leadership skills.
  • Enlightened leadership practices lead to superior sales growth rates and increased profits. Extraordinary hotel and restaurant performance is about employee engagement through ‘enlightened management’.
  • Enlightened cost management recognizes that although it is vital to control “prime cost”, it is even more important how one controls it. “There are a hundred ways to deliver the prime cost target, but ninety-eight of them will kill your business.”
  • Enlightened financial metrics eliminates the false conclusions inherent in many of the industry’s standard formulae.
  • Due diligence is paramount. The financial success of any hospitality deal can be predicted before the doors even open.
  • Deconstruct the business model to discover the inflows & outflows and then redesign it for better performance.
  • Quality is Everything. No amount of marketing can make up for inferior products or service.