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The “Aeon Mini MBA” Course Description and Syllabus

We recognize that the restaurant industry, perhaps more than any other, rarely hires trained managers, preferring instead to simply give management titles to technicians—a perfect recipe for disaster. That is why the first four weeks provides remedial education in the foundational principles of finance, business theory, critical thinking skills, and the fundamental subjects of the industry: nutrition, hospitality, and the neurological basis of organoleptics. We teach the skills that improve employee engagement, which improve customer engagement—thus increasing sales and profits—predict a high ROI for the program.

While the Aeon Mini MBA course is centered upon a “success curriculum” of sixteen life-changing books, it goes way beyond a mere regurgitation of the texts. Chef Shelton demonstrates how he has been able to use his critical thinking skills combined with breakthrough scientific information to question the entire body of the industry’s conventional wisdom and deliver over 200 “Red Pill” paradigmatic brain shifts that offer revolutionary solutions to many of the greatest problems our industry faces.

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One of Chef Shelton’s special skill sets is the distillation of data, information and knowledge into a language the audience can apprehend. Some of these books are highly advanced and require an interpreter who can “speak their language”. For over 40 years, he has taught advanced molecular biophysics and biochemistry principles to his professional cooks using a “scientific metaphor” language accessible to people without college backgrounds. So, whether the students read the books or not, they will come away from the course understanding the key principles contained within their pages.

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The “Aeon Mini MBA” Course Syllabus



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